Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer
Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer
Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer
Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer
Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer
Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer
Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer
Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer
Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer

Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer

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Try on this new, addictive, multi-facetted device that is rapidly spreading across the world into the hands of the young and old alike!

Principle: Use gyroscope (eccentricity + inertia constant rate) Power: Rotate the wrist to generate power, no battery or plug-in rotation is required, the faster the kinetic energy is generated. Rotation speed can be as high as 12,000 (R.P.M) or more per minute.

Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer!

  •  For those who like golf, bowling, baseball, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, badminton, kendo, etc .. Those who need to rely on their wrists can make you more powerful and powerful.
  •  Those who are engaged in computer typing and practicing piano to avoid ligament injury.
  •  Wrist workers are more accustomed to practice.
  •  Rehabilitation function and avoid muscle rigidity.
  • Advantages: A small ball with strong kinetic energy in the world, suitable for all ages, and free from space restrictions. You can use it at home, watch TV, mountain climbing, outings, and car office anytime, anywhere. 


1. Training the grip of the wrist and fingertips can promote left and right brain balance, make the hands flexible, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, and the elderly can enhance gastrointestinal function, promote sleep, and delay brain aging. To achieve health effect.
2, exercise the strength of the forearm muscles, the effect is significant.
3. The shaking of your arm will make the rotating body rotate faster.
4, the sound of high-speed rotation will bring you a new shocking experience.

  • Strengthens hands and grip skills. Professional athletes need to adopt various ways to exercise their strength, including arms, feet and waist strength and so on. And today this Powerball Gyroscope Fitness Wrist Ball is an effective tool to help you improve arms force. Made of high quality material, this product can strength grip skills, build muscle, tone arms and increase flexibility.
  • Cool illumination and high quality. When you spin the LED lights inside, the ball will illuminate. Powerball Gyroscope Fitness Wrist Ball is an additively fun and powerful exercise tool that builds the strength of your upper body through a few minutes of workout every day. This tennis ball sized wrist exercise ball is a small engineering wonder: consists a freely revolving heavy gyroscopic rotor housed in a solid plastic shell, with a built-in self-powered LED lights.
  • Strengthening hands, wrists, and forearms. 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Easy maintenance. 

  • Build finger strength. Hold the gyro ball upside down using only your fingers. Keep your fingers straight and gently make a stirring motion with your hand. This will keep the gyro ball spinning and provide a resistance for your finger grip. This is a great toning exercise for your hand and finger muscles, and will help increase your finger strength. 


  • Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy
  • Color: Blue, Purple, Orange, Green
  • Light: LED
  • Battery: Built-In
  • Size: 7 x 7 x 5.7 cm or 2.75 x 2.75 x 2.24 in
  • Weight: 305 g or 10.76 oz


  • 1 x Powerball Wrist & Arm Trainer

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